A Theme Party Leading by Fashionable Life
——Shenzhen Creative Week & 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

March 19-22 2017

Shenzhen - City of Design,

where there are leading creative groups from fashion world, design circle, high-tech circle of all over the world gathered here,

all kinds of creative activities are continuously performed every day in this city, which provides an opportunity for people from different backgrounds, territories, levels to participate in building the future.

For Shenzhen Creative Week, design is taken as the strength to drive the changes in the industry forefront,

therefore, Shenzhen Creative Week is able to make contributions to the future development of this industry via constant exploring the design potentials, new demands and creative ideas.

Today, let's stand in this design highlands again, and carry out a fashion-leading carnival moments together with designers from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Britain, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland!

Finland Pavilion
Winter life in Finland
Hall 3

Finnish design can be everything that you can experience, more than what you can observe. There are eight unique "Finland Cabins" and the charming and romantic winter snow-covered landscape in the design museum of Finland in winter, where visitors can enjoy the most pure Nordic life.

On the 2017 Shenzhen Creative Week, five well-known designers from Finland, such as, Tapio Anttila, Mikko Laakkonen, Jonas Hakaniemi, Mika Tolvanen and Julie Tolvanen, will cooperate to create the theme exhibition "Winter Life in Finland" that creates the lifestyle of Finland into the most fashionable, most classic and most natural original design works of Finland, and lead people to appreciate a perfect, compact, lively and romantic "Winter Sonata".

Denmark Pavilion
Artistic temperament of Denmark
Hall 3

Denmark is world-famous for its distinguished design and fashion sense free from traditions. With the features of simple but luxury, the integration and intertexture of classic and contemporary, the Denmark design is the most classic expression of Nordic lifestyle.

The unprecedented masterpieces made by Finn Juhl (the late father of Danish furniture design), Hans J, Wegner, Hans Thyge Raunkjaer, Søren Ravn Christensen, Georg Jensen, as well as renowned international home-decoration brands (Eilersen, NOIR, Onecollection, PP Møbler, GEORG JENSEN and VITA) will be on display in the exhibition, bringing you a journey of a simple, happy life in Denmark.

IKEA | Sweden
Hall 3

According to the understanding of many people, the design can be only for appearance, but in IKEA, rather than appearance design, IKEA design aims to make everything more beautiful. IKEA mission is to create a more beautiful daily life for the mass, and this commitment can be practically achieved by constantly adhering to the principles of "democratic design", which can meet the 5 requirements for appearance, utility, quality, sustainability and low price, based on the understanding of the design.

In March 2017, Sweden IKEA will attend the Shenzhen Creative Week for the first time, which will not only exchange the Nordic lifestyle from Sweden with the Chinese designer group, but also introduce the unique "Democratic Design" concept of IKEA rooted to China!

International Brands
The encounter with international fashion
Hall 3

Enjoy the European fashion is possible without travelling to Milan. The international fashion exhibition of this creative week will shuttle the European continent and from the fashion furniture of Spain top brand NOMON to the art lighting decoration of Dutch top brand moooi as well as from the high-grade carpet of Belgium top brand Limited Edition to the artistic household goods of Japan FUJIEI, the international artistic trends will blossom gorgeously here.

Intl. Asia - Pacific Brands
Oriental fashion
Hall 3

This is a golden age of design and there is a group of remarkable design masters. The native Chinese original designers emerge quickly, and quickly conquer the into the furniture field in a brand-new business mode with only a short time, featured with their sensitive fashion sense of touch, extreme aesthetic ideas, rich design experience, international vision and professional design background.

In March, together with Masayuki Kurokawa, the Japan's design godfather enjoying high reputation in the world, Frank Chou, Chinese "winner" of Milan Furniture Fair, Song Tao, China's original design master, Hou Zhengguang, the leader of China's original furniture design "Moreless", Zhu Hui, the new-emerging designer of "Ziinlife", Zhaolei of " MZGF", Lucky Furniture, ZZcity, Fineshow, I'THINK CASA and other original design brands and original designers, China's leading original design brand "Zizaoshe" will cheer for the 2017 Shenzhen Creative Week with great strength to give a voice to China's original design strength!

TURNKEY Home Solution
Emotional interpretation of "Urban Turnkey" by Japanese designers and Danish designer
Hall 5
Denmark design master of the chair
Hans Thyge
Cooperation designer of
Mexarts Design Studio
the designer of urban residential space optimization
Noriko Hayashi
Cooperation designer of
Mexarts Design Studio
prior senior furniture designer of Muji
Sanno Yohei
Cooperation designer of
Mexarts Design Studio

Home life featured with changeable space, good storage and extreme aesthetics! Hall 5 is the demonstration of new normal of urban life!

With Well-known Japanese designer Noriko Hayashi serving as the editor-in-chief of the whole design of the house type, and Sanno Yohei responsible for the actual furniture design, Hall 5 will be built for a fashionable home life for urban elites and youth by working together with the Residential Decoration Institute of Shenzhen Furniture Association, Mexarts (China), Private Living (Hong Kong), as well as Austria Blum and Germany Hafele (the world's top suppliers of accessories).

All kinds of house type are available for your choice, including 135m² house type - the low luxury life for urban elites, 82m² house type - fashionable life for urban youth, 55m² house type - exquisite life for urban singles. Here, rather than the house type itself, the most impressing is the designer's capacity of integrating the industry chain of interior decoration, which initiate the emergence of the new innovation-driven business model combining such industries as real estate, interior decoration, interior design, building materials, furniture, household decoration.

18㎡ Apartment Challenge
Flexible Storage Solutions in Limited Space
Changeable space · good storage
Hall 5

The dwelling structure of China's urban housing is moving toward the trend of "the small and medium house type gathering at the central district, the large house type transferring to the suburb". The house type is becoming smaller and smaller while the contradiction between the living and life is becoming more prominent and then how the urbanite can live a high quality life in the extremely small size?

At this Shenzhen Creative Week, the 18m² house type will be truly introduced in Hall 5, where space magicians from Greman designers and Shenzhen Furniture Association Residential Decoration Institute will work jointly with Germany Hafele, the world well-known hardware brand to host the space magic challenge match of 18m² extremely small-size apartment. In this apartment, the space is diversified with its highly-functional super storage, bringing us a variety of pleasure and convenience, and helping us fulfill the long-cherished dream of experiencing the cunning urban space!

Shenzhen International
Furniture Exhibition
Hall 1-9

For us, the living space, instead of merely providing us with shelters, carries the people's tireless pursuit of a better lifestyle. The furniture and decoration, as the main part of the living space, serve as the combination of space function and lifestyle. A reflection of furniture and decoration is regarded as a kind of advanced thinking on urban living value, from the urban perspective!

On this furniture exhibition, we will explore how to interpret exquisite lifestyle on the basis of enhanced living value, and how to develop timeless quality on the basis of innovation-driven products. Thanks to a wide range of furniture, such as living-style, dining-style, bedroom-style and children-style, the designers from all over the world get together to showcase their inspiration and workmanship of colorful design!

Intelligent Furniture &
Smart Hardware Pavilion
Hall 5

Due to the high housing price, small house type is growing in number. Therefore, how to create a kind of space in which people could lead a carefree and joyous life in the narrow space?

In Hall 5, the world well-known hardware brands - Austria Blum and Germany Hafele will, to the best of their ability, cater to the needs of housing owners, and from the perspective of industry chain, to provide suitable solutions for integrating the space of work and study in the future.

International Designers Connection
Hall 5

International-oriented designers serve as an imperative factor for enterprises in the furniture industry to enhance their professional skills, which is an inevitable trend. Likewise, internationally-based original design is the key to the future success of enterprises!

Here, a wide range of designers from Italy, Nordic, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao will carry out commercial consultations with furniture enterprises!

Here, in addition to getting a first-hand experience of their products, you could also make face-to-face communications with them, laying a solid foundation for future commercial cooperation!

Besides, many cases will be showed on the expo where the designers could share their observations! An application in advance is needed. [Click] Application!

Display Windows
Hall 5

From living room furnishings to interior decoration, and from window display to spatial interpretation, the city called "City of Design" gives birth to a group of art-loving, design-loving designers, who is injecting their breed-born international vision and innovation-driven thinking into Shenzhen's design and inspiration.

On this expo, six aesthetic masters, benefiting from the exquisite soft furnishings, will deliver their rich design connotations and ideas in the limited window, and showcase the graceful visual space by the combination of light and shadow, bringing us a life of furnishing art and life aesthetics!

4、Hall 5

This is a group of creative cutting-edge original brands, invented by a group of designers of visions and perseverance.

This Creative Week will carry the latest original design brands and the original design studios such as SUYAB, belaDESIGN, Drii-Design, grado, MARIO TSAI STUDIO, Craft+, moiminjia, HYM, WEI, MORETHAN, URBANCRAFT, TIWU, tells, etc. to satisfy the individuality requirements of people for the household articles with the sense of design, and promote the development of the original household products. Whether large-scale furniture for activities or small household articles, the high-quality and unique furniture and household products will help you embark on a journey of brand-new design by tireless pursuit and graceful taste.

SZCW|Design Forum
Industry and design idea sharing meeting
Hall 5

There are elites gathered together to pursue for the dream by breaking the boundary of different fields here, which shall be a pageant for the design field and the home furnishing field.

To focus on design and widely contact the entire industry chain and the market demand is the need for this Creative Week to boost the industry structure adjustment and fashion cultural innovation. On this Creative Week, the global designers with great talents and achievements will be gathered together, such as "the Shun Oguri in the Design Field" Shuhei Aoyama, the former senior furniture designer of MUJI Sanno Yohei, the optimization designer of urban residential space Noriko Hayashi, the most creative tycoon of industrial design Karim Rashid, the Sweden IKEA household product developer Lennie Malmgren, the Sweden design division Boris, Italian GIO, the world-famous hardware brand Austrian Blum and Germany Hafele, Alliance of China Exquisite Decoration Industry as well as over 30 international and domestic famous designers in terms of interior design, spatial design, industrial design and architectural design from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland of China to jointly discuss the theme focusing on "Residence·Space", start from the return to the ego, freedom and the natural emotional appeals in the human nature to show the emotional connotation of living space.

Made in Italy Pavilion
Hall 3

From renaissance to contemporary art, from Dante's Divine Comedy to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Italian Tuscany has combined nature and humanity together with Italian elements involved and decoration for contrast, which has made Tuscany style infinitely charming.

The artists from Tuscany will present the most representative Italian art works in the Hall 3, and fully present the supreme culture encountering with the modern fashion, and support the 2017 Shenzhen Creative Week as the representative of internationalized home living.

Deco Expo
Hall 4

From interior decoration design to space furnishing, from European and American classics to modern fashion, from art of life to main-stream culture, from living innovation to cultural innovation. Artists from Shenzhen will root the charming of home accessories into the residential space by their innovative design and arouse your emotions inside by details.

Including fresh garden air, elegant and mild luxurious style, romantic Mediterranean style, simple Nordic style, luxurious European style, this accessory feast will mix accessories of different styles and craft to present the highlights of household in front of you as well as to display the most excellent works of the art life about marketing.

Design tour: Dong Hao and the Teabank

The design atmosphere is everywhere, and so does the creative landscape.

Teabank is a place of communication, where public interaction, hand-craft making, flower-cultivation and book reading are integrated. Here, in addition to tea aesthetic life, you could also directly enjoy the inspiration masterpiece in Shenzhen by the well-known designer Dong Hao. Do you want to learn about the design story here? Do you want to listen to various design concepts face-to face with the creative designer Dong Hao? Welcome to the Design tour-Stepping into the true scene space of Dong Hao's Teabank.


Dong Hao
Travelling to Northern Europe
North Square

Shenzhen Creative Week, featuring Nordic charm and colorful pleasure, will take you experience the glamour of Nordic life!

On the design exhibition " Passing through the Northern Europe" hosted in the main square, the well-known Nordic design institution Boris will be invited to showcase the wooden architecture, space, furniture and interior decoration under the context of Nordic urban space and lifestyle, and to inject green forest into the design, so that people immersed in the Nordic design and art will embrace and spread Nordic lifestyle and fashion trend.