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B+H Senior Living/Care Box

Bring Color Back to Life

“Bring Color Back to Life” is a concept by B+H that reimagines the future of senior living communities.

We believe age is just a mindset. There is growing evidence that we are only as old we feel. The age we feel, our “subjective age”, affects our physical and mental wellbeing, and our emotional stability. A youthful frame of mind can have a powerful effect.

Living in the shadow of the past can often lead to depression and loneliness for our elders. Our booth invites the audience to experience what happens when we break down the walls that prevent them from living in the present moment and how we can bring color back into their lives.

Our booth symbolizes B+H’s philosophy behind senior care facility design: to promote belonging, social interaction, and a feeling of home by creating a vibrant community that supports the wellbeing and happiness of our elder community.