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Sustainable Material Design With the continuous innovation of household production technology and the iterative upgrade of the consumer market, many people may not be aware that enjoying a new and comfortable home life also accelerating the production of millions of wastes. And these rapidly increasing wastes are gradually destroying our home planet which we depend for survival. Therefore, we have to re-examine the relationship between man and nature as well as the logic of creation.

NANOxARCH® (Material x Designs™) is China's first (and currently the only known) social innovation enterprise specializing in sustainable material design.

NANOxARCH uses sustainable materials that are healthier for people and the environment, focusing on the recycling and application of "waste materials", combining product design, space design and activity content design to maximize materials. The use of value enables brands and enterprises to accelerate the realization of the trilateral win-win sustainable innovation of "brand + environment + economy" with the smallest possible input cost.

Rather than waiting for the future to give materials the possibility, it is better to look at how an applicable sustainable material system can be established in the present.