Innovative Retailing+ Creative Lifestyle In hall 5, you can see the ultimate interactive experience of all kinds of interesting and fun boutique shops, cultural and creative markets, home life goods, original design brands and elegant oriental lifestyle. You can also play IP interaction with top art trends in the art experience area. You can also attend to an open forum and learn about trending consumer businesses in China.

This year:

‘FUN FUN’ Marketplace The theme of the 36th session in 2021 is fun fun market, which will continue to use high-end shopping Mall to create a diversified immersive trade lifestyle experience exhibition, which becomes the connection point between b-end and C-end. It is an integrated display platform for new consumption scenarios. Through cross-border marketing interaction, integrating cutting-edge brand thinking, and bridging the bridge between b-end manufacturing and C-end retail, it not only enables b-end manufacturers to experience new retail models, discover and develop potential new customers, but also enables C-end manufacturers to experience new retail models Businesses and customers find good business opportunities and products

Highlight 1

Pop Culture Inspirations

Themed Décor and Furniture

Highlight 2

Boutique Retail Stores

Highlight 3

Art Gallery

Highlight 4

Fun Fun Cafe