is the lighting fair and one of the largest commercial design exhibition for furniture in China. The theme of lighting is therefore treated in a broader context that concerns the home sector together with furniture, real estate, design and decoration. This an avantgarde show where visions, innovations and design are exhibited together with master design pieces and local trend products. 「On Light」 is not only a lighting exhibition focus on the mass market but is also a platform where the lighting brands can connect with the lighting designers. The pavilion has a central corridor rich in contents: a sort of backbone with a very dynamic space where there are spaces dedicated to local and international design studios, a selection of international brands and visions on the future of the lighting.

For 2021


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ON LIGHT Master Field

Mystical • Robotic • Neo-Natural
“The Future is now.
Predictions are often unreliable, and one does not wish to blindly follow what cannot be con-
firmed. I rather remain independent.The man of today is a labyrinth of conflicting characteristics:
he is mystical, robotic, and neo-nature.
The mystical attitude attributed to the reproduction of comic mystery,which gave him a new
demand for the ancient and absolute truth.
The robotic attitude caused by increasingly perfected technology. A reality where we are all wired
to artificial devices and already living in our science fiction.
And then the neo-naturalism attitude, that is, the reappearance of the natural world as a source
of fundamental survival and spiritual wealth.”
                                                                                                                               —— Alessandro Guerriero

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「In 2100 we will be pure light」- Gabi PERETTO (right)
「 In The Mirror- everything is possible 」- Huan TIAN & Yankai HU (left)

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ON LIGHT Selection

Product Highlights

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ON LIGHT International Original Design

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ON LIGHT Partners

A dynamics space divided in several topics.
  • Lighting Designers Booths
  • Lighting Technologies
  • Lighting Materials
  • Lighting Manufactures.