2017 A Party that Goes Through Fashion

Video review of the 32th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

Shenzhen in March is a beautiful city with spring emerging all around, which will soon be vitalized by the trending fashions! Original designs from China, together with designs from Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Japan, Taiwan and Hongkong SAR of China, will be featured at the Shenzhen Creative Week and 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition and raise the curtain on a party of artistic life designs with a fashion carnival in full swing. The upcoming grand exhibition will lead trends with its fashionable designs, drive transformation with innovation, and interact with the future by design! In March, let's witness designs bloom in Shenzhen with a party that goes through fashion!

2016 Colorful Shenzhen

Video review of the 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

“Design dome, insight into the colorful design life”—grand opening of the 2016 Shenzhen Creative Week & 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition at the Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center. The two exhibitions concurrently held was meant to introduce excellent global design resources for China’s furniture industry, bring high-end design standards to the industry, and play their roles as a bridge across which China and the world can meet. Furthermore, by gathering global high-quality designer resources in Shenzhen, it provides unending motivation for the traditional industry of Shenzhen to transform and upgrade.

2015 Design Goes Where Vision Sees

Video review of the 30th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition

“Design Goes Where Vision Sees ”—the 30th Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition continued to highlight "design" and "innovation", its two major features. It focused on building a high-end luxury furniture customization exhibition hall, full house furniture customization exhibition hall, solid wood city exhibition hall, children furniture exhibition hall, original personalized furniture exhibition hall, and more. Moreover, a CFF engineered customizable and tailored furniture design and application exhibition, a joint exhibition EXD integrated home furnishing international design organizations, joint exhibition of a creative library - furniture industry design service organizations, and more were also held. In addition to visually stunning beauty, it was also the place where business model reformation and channel innovation came into being.