Shenzhen Furniture Association

The Shenzhen Furniture Association, established in 1986. 458 members make up the association covering major industry sectors including furniture manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, producers of furniture accessories, furniture retailers, furniture stores, interior design firms, furniture lighting companies, and woodworking machinery manufacturers.
The Shenzhen Furniture Association (SZFA) serves as a market-oriented service provider for industry related enterprises, striving to become the core service organization of China's furniture industry.

The Shenzhen Furniture Association collaborates closely with various entities, including the Shenzhen Furniture Design Institute, Desy Exhibition, Saide Testing, Supply Chain Management and Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology. Through these collaborations, the association integrates resources along the entire furniture industry chain, offering a unique and comprehensive range of domestic services, including research and development, education, exhibitions, testing, and supervision.