WORKPLACE aims to both revolutionize professional working environments and promote the current trends taking hold. The exhibition is based on the concept: “The Urban Working Environment’s New Normal” from the perspective of real estate developers, commercial architectural design, and interior design.

This year:

The recent epidemic is having a tremendous impact on lifestyle behaviors, where space becomes more multifunctional and traditional space adapts to new social requirements. While remote working has been an increasing trend for the past two decades, the pandemic has rapidly accelerated the process. After experiencing the widespread disruption over the past year, although China is amongst the first few to slowly resume regular ways of life, working environments may never be the same again. Under current circumstances, we explore the concept of a “Therapeutic Office Space”. Ideally, therapeutic office space increases the sense of belonging for people at work, providing a healing environment where people enjoy working and learning.

For 2021

Highlight 1


New Office Experience

Highlight 2

Education Box

Designing Effective Learning Environment

Highlight 3


What use to just be an establishment serving various refreshments,
cafés are slowly becoming young working souls’ choice of “charging space”.

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Design Cove

Best Product Selection